You’re sitting at your desk and get a call from a client who is selling their home and moving to Los Angeles. You love Los Angeles. You love your client. You want to make sure that after you sell their home, they are set up with an agent in Los Angeles that gives them the kind of service they have come to expect from the many deals you have done together. You look through your smart phone and shuffle through business cards that have been handed to you over the years. Some have pictures, most don’t. You can’t remember either way. You ask your co-workers and even send out an email blast asking, “does anyone know a good agent in L.A.?”

Lucky you. Someone tells you about LA’s best real estate referral site for Sotheby’s International Realty agents in Los Angeles, The agents at AgentInLA know more than the LA real estate, they know the LA lifestyle.

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  • Burnt Point
  • Newly Rebuilt Modern Traditional.
  • 1773 N. Crescent Heights Boulevard
  • Extraordinary Bay Views
  • Vintage at Hidden Park gated Estates
  • Colonial Revival-Style Townhouse
  • Glen Ellen Contemporary Compound
  • 617 Roy Street
  • 535 Douglas Street
  • 1119 Piedra Rondo
  • 11718 Wood Lane
  • Contemporary Farmhouse
  • 608 Jackson Hill Street
  • Beautiful Bungalow in Downtown Ojai!
  • 80 Skipping Rock Way
  • Top floor condo in Edwardian building
  • Malibu Colony Cottage
  • Elegant Home Fronting Alta Plaza
  • 33 Teddy Bear Trail
  • Castle in the Sky
  • Mediterranean Home in the Marina
  • Santa Rosa Modern