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Sotheby’s offers exceptional Sonoma Real Estate and homes for sale. When buying real estate in California's wine country, buyers cannot hope to do better than to find a home for sale in Sonoma. The clusters of incorporated and unincorporated townships make finding your ideal community a walk in the park, or in this case, a bicycle ride through gorgeous vineyard roads. Sonoma real estate is the epitome of diversity. The mountain acreage and dazzling coastlines as well as sprawling farmsteads are ideal for any lifestyle. A perfect climate, world-class golf courses, and award-winning restaurants keep bringing new residents from all over the world. Wine makers with long, established lineages have taken advantage of Sonoma homes and land to increase the diversity of their labels. The welcoming nature of the Sonoma people has made it one of the Top Ten Friendliest Cities in America and its burgeoning technological industry is drawing more and more jobs and young families to the area. There is always something to do in Sonoma. Everything from festivals, art showings, museum exhibits, golf tournaments and wine tours (of course) keep the amazing pace of Sonoma full of fun and leisure. The luxury of living in this sumptuous landscape of active and playful lifestyles is what makes Sonoma real estate so valuable. Owning a home or estate in Sonoma is a dream many do not have the opportunity to realize. The expanse of the Sonoma real estate market coupled with the draw of an idyllic future makes Sonoma a milestone in the lives of many of the well-to-do. Seeking to enhance your quality of life, you could hardly do better than drinking a local vintage in a five-star setting, listening to a local band play while you relax and appreciate the lifestyle that is Sonoma.