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Palm Beach promotes business development

28 Aug 2012 9:54 AM
Palm Beach promotes business development

Palm Beach offers homeowners easy access to a vast array of cultural venues, picture-perfect beaches and high-end shopping centers. In fact, residents might soon find more businesses in the area.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that Kelly Smallridge, president and chief executive officer of the Business Development Board (BDB) of Palm Beach County, characterizes this region as having a diversified industry base that makes it attractive for businesses to relocate. The BDB plans to use social media and other tools to draw new companies to Palm Beach, which gives employers access to several benefits.

"The BDB recognizes that the quality of the corporate life and the beauty of our county is what attracts both corporations and tourists to this area and brings in dollars," Smallridge said to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Palm Beach is home to numerous luxury homes, three international airports and three ports. The county will be focusing on making its education, healthcare, transportation, cultural and recreational amenities even better to help attract more companies to the area, according to Smallridge. The BDB hopes to win over new businesses by approaching new initiatives with an open mind.

"Don't think outside the box, just think as though there is no box," Smallridge told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.