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Renato's has all the ingredients for a memorable night

25 Mar 2013 4:17 PM
Renato's has all the ingredients for a memorable night

Sometimes, going out for a nice meal is the perfect opportunity to be pampered. Attentive service, a relaxing ambience and, of course, top-notch food are necessary components of an elegant dining experience, and these can all be found at Renato's, one of Palm Beach's most refined restaurants.

Renato's has earned a devoted following among Palm Beach residents for many reasons, but its professional and knowledgeable staff may be the most important. According to Zagat, the Renato's staff ensures that all diners receive a memorable dining experience and are treated with the utmost professionalism. 

The spacious and atmospheric dining room is another standout element of a meal at Renato's. With several distinct rooms - including the Wine Cellar, Capri Room and Peruvian Room, among others - the restaurant has the right setting for every occasion.

Of course, it's not only the service and ambience that makes this restaurant one of the most popular in Palm Beach - the food is also top-notch. Famous for its Italian-inflected dishes and elaborate and pitch-perfect preparation, Renato's is a favorite among many of Palm Beach's most refined gourmands. Decadent dishes like foie gras with caramelized figs, duck-filled agnelotti and braised veal populate the extensive menu.  

The combination of refined service and haute cuisine have helped Renato's become one of the region's most popular celebratory destinations. According to the Palm Beach Post, the restaurant is a popular choice for first dates and anniversaries, as owners of Palm Beach homes consider Renato's "romantic perfection." 

Not all nights call for an elaborate meal served by a world-class wait staff, but for those that do, Renato's in Palm Beach may be the perfect way to create an unforgettable evening.