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Heralded French-American cuisine in Palm Beach

19 Oct 2012 8:40 AM
Heralded French-American cuisine in Palm Beach

Tucked in the famous Brazilian Court Hotel and Beach Club, Cafe Boulud has garnered a passionate local following and become one of the region's most cherished restaurants. Like its Manhattan-based cousin, Cafe Boulud NY, the Palm Beach restaurant combines old and new in an intricate balance of flavors and dishes.

Many people spend years searching for an establishment that perfectly blends good food, an enjoyable atmosphere and expert service. For many of the people who live in luxury homes in and around Palm Beach, Cafe Boulud has become that restaurant. At once a relaxing place to spend a quiet evening and an ideal venue for an important celebration, this stylish eatery is likely to remain a staple in the Palm Beach dining scene for years to come.

Although it has only been open since 2003, Cafe Boulud has quickly become a go-to dining location in the region, in part for its elegant ambiance and carefully chosen decor. Reflecting the city's colorful environment and laid-back culture, the restaurant features vibrant paintings, abundant floral arrangements and comfortable seating. The professional staff and charming views make it easy for diners to spend hours as they leisurely eat their meals.

Of course, the atmosphere isn't the only - or even primary - feature that attracts crowds. The rotating menu featuring fresh ingredients and classic dishes make Cafe Boulud such a desirable dinner destination. According to Frommer's, the food distinguishes itself by including tasty but often unexpected ingredients such as pomegranates, brown butter, fried green tomatoes and smoked beef brisket.

The pedigrees of the chefs ensure that the restaurant's quality is dependable, and their willingness to explore and push boundaries means the restaurant is unlikely to rest on its laurels. Whatever the occasion, Cafe Boulud, located at 301 Australian Avenue, is an ideal place for locals to treat themselves to a gourmet dining experience.