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International music star comes to Palm Beach

24 Apr 2013 12:51 PM
International music star comes to Palm Beach

Merengue star Elvis Crespo may have gotten his name from the King, but the Puerto Rico-raised singer owes much more to Latin rhythms than he does to early rock and roll. Palm Beach residents will get a chance to judge this unique musical talent for themselves on May 4, when Crespo comes to the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino to perform his much-heralded live show.

Crespo has developed a devoted following throughout Latin America and the U.S. - especially after receiving several Grammy awards and watching his albums go platinum - but the star has developed an especially committed fan base in southern Florida.

Crespo is famous for putting on electrifying live shows, and owners of Palm Beach real estate should expect no less when the star performs next month. Reviewing a recent performance in Orlando, music critic Marvin Vasquez wrote for Campus Circle that the performer and his band were up to their usual tricks with "rich rhythm and Elvis Crespo's sensational vocals."

Whether you've been a fan of Crespo since his days with the world-famous group Grupo Mania or you're a relative newcomer to the musician's unique blend of world music and pop charisma, you will likely find that his upcoming concert will make you an even more ardent fan.