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Palm Beach resident and renowned designer offers advice

7 Sep 2012 8:06 AM
Palm Beach resident and renowned designer offers advice

Whether it's the amenable weather or its residents' famous flair for style, Palm Beach has, over the years, been home to several world-renowned artists and designers. One of the most distinctive is Vladimir Kagan, who recently sat down with Art and Culture, one of Palm Beach County's most distinguished lifestyle magazines.

Looking back at his decades-long career, Kagan had some interesting insights into how some of the area's most glamorous residents could decorate their luxury homes.

One of the most important pieces of advice he gave is for designers to make sure they are not sacrificing function for form. Throughout his career, Kagan always made sure the furniture he designed worked on both aesthetic and practical levels.

"Decoration is not design," he told the magazine. "A chair is not a question of upholstery (or pretty flower prints) but of support, it is a vessel, a shell in which the human body is totally supported. It is first ergonomic."

With this in mind, Kagan makes sure the furniture he designs helps give a space a unique sense of style, while also providing a room with the basic benefits any piece of furniture should have. For example, one of his most noted pieces is a languidly curving sofa that comfortably seats eight, making it at once elegant and useful.

Kagan also promotes the importance of selecting the right materials for his pieces. According to the source, he makes use of steel, Lucite, cast aluminum and glass to ensure that his pieces are solid and graceful. When designing a room, he says, it is important to make sure that the furniture enables a multitude of functions, like entertaining, reading and relaxing.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice Kagan gave to decorators, though, is about the importance of creativity and rebirth, which applies to many aspects of life.

"I always have to reinvent myself," he told the source. Whether for a room or a career, many Palm Beach residents may want to keep this credo in mind.