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Bring the natural world into your Palm Beach home

5 Oct 2012 8:41 AM
Bring the natural world into your Palm Beach home

In a region so steeped in natural beauty, it would be a crime not to center your Palm Beach home around furnishings and art that incorporate organic elements. What good are vibrant sunsets, thriving flora and azure waters if you spend all your time in a dull, lusterless house?

With this in mind, many owners of luxury homes in the area strive dutifully to fill their houses with all sorts of natural wonders. Whether it be live plants, natural wood or sea-themed accessories, decorating your home with an eye toward the natural world can be a great way to pay respect to Florida's environment and liven up your abode.

In this vein, Allison Paladino, a local interior designer, offered suggestions for organic home furnishings in a recent article for Palm Beach Illustrated. As interior design trends have drifted away from the ornate fussiness of previous decades, Paladino has worked to help her clients keep up with the times.

"We continue to see clients gravitating toward designs that incorporate natural materials and blur the distinction between outdoor living and indoor," she told the source.

One technique Paladino recommends is incorporating sea shells. Not only do they reflect Palm Beach's deep marine roots, but they also provide an elegant and unique ambiance to any room or outdoor space.

Of course, including elements of the environment in your home design doesn't need to stop there. Another growing trend, according to HGTV, is to incorporate a natural aesthetic in even the most practical furnishings.

Faucets, for example, are getting in on the movement. Spouts and spigots that mimic the natural arc of water, or that are shaped like old-fashioned fountains, are becoming quite popular in high-end homes.

"There's a lot going on with the organic look," Jon Buss, president of, a Canadian company that works with manufacturers of bathroom products, told HGTV. "It's very timely."