The Sample-Powers Team at Sotheby's International Realty

When two of the most successful New York City brokers join forces to specialize in the high-end luxury hotel and condo market, people take heed and listen. After all, the names Elizabeth Lee Sample and Brenda S. Powers have already gained worldwide acclaim for their integrity, financial expertise, and creative, results-driven and successful marketing, advertising and sales services. Working together for the past 15 years, they have pooled their 40 years of combined talent and experience into one cohesive entity—The Sample-Powers Alliance.

Visionary and forward thinking, they are always on the lookout for emerging market trends; when the concept of hotel/condo living was first introduced, they were swift to understand the many opportunities it presented and to become familiar with every aspect of this market. This entails consulting with professionals ranging from developers and construction personnel to interior designers and decorators. In fact, they have chosen that very lifestyle for themselves—making their home at the Residences at the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan's famed Time Warner Center.

Another key to The Alliance's success is their rare understanding of "branding" and marketing in today's luxury residential market…they have formulated an integrated and systematic approach to producing everything a client needs to market a property successfully.

Experience with and exposure to the different nationalities and cultures of the world is yet another characteristic that sets The Sample-Powers Alliance apart. From high-powered professionals and business magnates to international diplomats and fashion cognoscenti, they are equally comfortable with all. And while they are accustomed to working in that rarefied and privileged world, they retain a sensitive and well-balanced perspective that makes them equally successful with clients from all walks of life.