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Create tasty dishes at a New York City cooking class

31 Jul 2012
Cooking classes provide an exciting opportunity to learn to effectively use a variety of ingredients and make delicious culinary creations. You might feel a new sense of pride and satisfaction when you sink your teeth into your first homemade dish, and New York City's cooking courses offer you the chance to experience this sensation firsthand. Read More

Top three kitchen design trends in 2012

23 Jul 2012
Increase the effectiveness of your kitchen’s design by incorporating the right materials and an efficient floor plan. Let your home be an extension of yourself, portraying all your personal class and style. Here are three luxury home trends in Manhattan: 1. Streamlined kitchen . As the kitchen increasingly becomes a central focus of the mode Read More

Visit a New York City wine shop

17 Jul 2012
Wine lovers might appreciate a trip to one of New York City's wine shops. New York has a long history of wine enthusiasm that dates back to the 1860's. Visitors sometimes travel across the globe to taste some of the region's unique offerings. Dozens of these stores deliver options that will fit any connoisseur's palette. Wheth Read More

Top three luxury design trends in New York City

16 Jul 2012
Architectural details are an important factor for many buyers looking for a new home in New York City. Select the right furnishings and proper design to ensure the property you buy on the New York City real estate market fits your needs and will remain a valuable investment. Here are three luxury home design trends in New York City: 1. Classic and Read More