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Two of the most esteemed sushi spots in NYC

4 Sep 2012 1:59 PM
Two of the most esteemed sushi spots in NYC

Over the last several decades, sushi in America has been transformed from a heralded but little-known culinary treat into a full-blown favorite. During this time, it migrated from Japan, where it has been prepared for centuries, to many of this country's most popular metropolitan areas.

However, some cities have staked larger claims in the sushi realm and developed reputations as some of the best spots for the Japanese delicacy in the Western Hemisphere. Perhaps no city has as fully embraced this trend as much as New York City.

With its diverse, worldly population and esteemed dining scene, the Big Apple has become home to a treasure trove of top-notch sushi purveyors. Many of these establishments have surfaced around midtown Manhattan, which makes them easily accessible by many residents of the luxury homes in the area.

Although there are dozens of well-respected sushi restaurants in the area, here are two that have garnered particularly high acclaim.

Sushi Yasuda
Situated nicely at 204 E 43rd St., Sushi Yasuda has earned a reputation as one of America's finest sushi spots. Its chefs are meticulously trained in traditional Japanese sushi preparation techniques, and the restaurant has received high marks from esteemed critical publications such as Zagat.

If you're looking for a sushi experience steeped in time-honored craftsmanship, this may be one of your best bets outside of Tokyo. Additionally, the fish used is fastidiously purchased and always incredibly fresh.

Although it may be hard to tell from the outside, Koito is consistently voted one of the best sushi venues on the east coast. This unremarkable-looking building on 310 E 93 St. houses some of the freshest, most expertly prepared sushi many diners will ever experience, according to CBS New York.

For intimate service and world-class sushi, Koito is one of the best and most popular choices in a city full of fine freshly-caught fish.