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New York's best summer lunch spots

30 Jul 2014 3:43 PM
New York's best summer lunch spots

Maybe you're summering in some of New York City's luxury real estate. Maybe you work in the city and enjoy finding new lunch spots fairly regularly. Maybe you're just in town for the weekend and want to make sure each meal is picture-perfect. Regardless of your scenario, if you're a New Yorker - whether for one day or a lifetime - you've always got to keep abreast of the best places to eat.

During the summer, that means you need to keep on top of the best restaurants and eateries that offer outdoor seating. You've probably spent most of the day indoors, after all - why not take the opportunity offered by this rare, warm East Coast weather to dine in the sun's light? There's plenty of places in NYC that allow you to do exactly that - and we've listed a handful of the best ones below. 

Ladurée SoHo
?Harper's Bazaar recently named it the "chicest garden to brunch" anywhere in New York City, and it's easy to understand why. The beautiful tableside aesthetics - the glimmering trees, the pastel coloring, the soft lighting - make this one of the more pleasurable places the city offers for a meal, whether it's outside or inside. 

The Arrogant Swine
This beer garden in Williamsburg has a cheeky title. But the place itself is no joke: Grub Street highly recommends the authentic Carolina-style whole-hog barbeque, which should give you a strong indication of what the menu is like here. If you're looking for the nicest upscale eatery you can find, the Arrogant Swine probably isn't for you. Yet, if you want to chow down on some Carolina-style barbeque, and drink some great beer while you do it, you won't find any spots better than this one.

The Red Hook Lobster Pound
Every place on this list has its own specialty or attraction. It's pretty obvious what the Red Hook Lobster Pound has to offer: for instance, some of the city's most delectable lobster rolls. Of course, the place also has a relaxing outdoor patio - so you can chow down on some seafood while basking in the warmth of the summer months. 

Lavender Lake
Maybe you want a beautiful outdoor beer garden like you might get at The Arrogant Swine - but you're not a BBQ person. In that case, check out Lavender Lake in Brooklyn - which The List recently ranked as one of the top places for outdoor dining this summer. The drink list here is to die for, so if you're looking for a place to unwind after work during a warm evening, you're not going to do much better. 

Vinegar Hill House
All of the restaurants here have pleasant atmospheres - but none are inviting as Vinegar Hill House. With the titular house behind you, you'll find that eating in the outdoor garden at this location feels a bit like picnicking in your own backyard. Another thing worth mentioning about the Hill House: the food is absolutely transcendent. You really can't go wrong.

All of these restaurants offer their own impeccable menus and drink lists, so be sure to check their websites and determine which one is perfect for you before venturing out that way. However, it's worth mentioning that you can't miss with any of the restaurants on this list - or with many of the other places currently offering outdoor dining in the city. It's a veritable feast out there, so just make sure that when it comes to restaurants, you always choose wisely.