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Honey sweetens the allure of the Hamptons

12 Oct 2012 8:49 AM
Helping the Hamptons become the

For millennia, honey has been considered a "superfood" - long before the coining of that particular buzzword. From its first cultivation in the Middle East to the medieval honey-based beverage of mead, the sweet nectar has consistently played an important role in cuisine and medicine.

Although it has a long and varied history, honey has, in many ways, become even more popular in the last several years. Spurred on by increasing attention to locally-sourced natural foods, boutique honey has become a growing trend throughout much of the U.S., especially in places like the Hamptons. In fact, many owners of Hamptons real estate have begun to sample some of the honey made in the region, finding ways of adding it to their diets and cooking habits.

Luckily, a few local honey producers have answered the call and started to ramp up their production to satisfy the growing number of honey-hungry Hamptons' residents.

One example is the Hamptons Honey Company. Focusing on raw and natural production, this young company has helped bring high-quality honey to locals, and prides itself on its staff of well-trained, environmentally conscious beekeepers.

As the demand for natural, local honey has spiked in the Hamptons, the number of suppliers has increased. Mary Woltz, for example, initially came to the region to work for the Hamptons Honey Company, but has since left to start her own business - Bees' Needs. She works year round, turning out artisanal batches of sumptuous honey.

"My honey changes with the seasons," she recently told Hamptons Magazine. "It will be light and delicate in the spring and more complex throughout the summer. And I can tell you which hive every jar comes from."

As more residents of the Hamptons begin to appreciate the nutritional and flavor benefits of local raw honey, the community has a chance to become one of the most honey-soaked areas of the country.