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Celebrate the Empire State Building's 80th anniversary

14 Aug 2012 1:15 PM
Celebrate the Empire State Building's 80th anniversary

The Empire State Building remains a national landmark, and 2012 marks the skyscraper's 80th anniversary. Enjoy the American icon's birthday with a visit to the 80th floor, which is currently hosting a documentary-style exhibit.

Curated by Carol Willis of New York City's Skyscraper Museum, this exhibit enhances each visitor's experience by providing him or her with access to a restored art deco masterpiece lobby. Additionally, the exhibit pays tribute to the pioneers who created the building, including its architects, builders and laborers.

As the "World's Most Famous Office Building," the Empire State Building has been a remarkable architectural achievement. Millions of visitors have traveled far and wide to visit the midtown Manhattan skyscraper, which stands 1,454 feet tall, featuring over 2.7 million square feet of floor space and 6,500 windows. Spectacular views accompany what was once the tallest building in the world, drawing the attention of residents and travelers alike.

A regular admission ticket provides visitors access to the aforementioned exhibit, which can be viewed on the way to the building's world-famous 86th and 102nd floor Observatories. Learn about history and see the bright lights of New York City, just minutes from many of the luxury homes in the area.