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Cape Cod Rep Theatre revives "Anna Christie"

11 Apr 2013 1:52 PM
New one-man show takes on Richard Burbage, Shakespeare's leading man

"Anna Christie," Eugene O'Neill's legendary play about thwarted redemption, may have been written nearly a century ago, but it still resonates today. Cape Cod residents will get a chance to see how this timeless classic still has a lot to say, as the Cape Rep Theatre will put on a version of "Anna Christie" that opens on May 2.

The play, which will be directed by Maura Hanlon, focuses on the lives of three intersecting characters - the titular Anna Christopherson, her father, Chris, and her ill-fated love interest, Mat. Exploring the themes of atonement and fate, "Anna Christie" has been adored for decades for the way it blends humor, pathos and energy. The upcoming production is likely to carry on these themes, as the Cape Rep Theatre has a history of putting unique spins on classic plays.

There is no doubt that "Anna Christie" falls into this camp. After its release, "Anna Christie" won the Pulitzer Prize and helped cement O'Neill's legacy as one of the country's most cherished playwrights. 

However, O'Neill's dramatic standing is not the only reason the producers at the Cape Rep Theatre decided to put this particular production on. Much of the play's action takes place in the waters around Cape Cod, which is sure to give owners of Cape Cod real estate a pleasing sense of connection to the play and its characters.

In fact, the upcoming production is not the first in the region's history, as there have been several well-received versions of "Anna Christie" in recent years. In 2007, an iteration of the play earned acclaim from the Cape Cod Times, which called it "perfectly rendered by a first-rate cast."

There is little doubt that Hanlon's new iteration will be equally applauded. The play runs until June 2.