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Top three luxury design trends in New York City

16 Jul 2012 12:53 PM
Top three luxury design trends in New York City

Architectural details are an important factor for many buyers looking for a new home in New York City. Select the right furnishings and proper design to ensure the property you buy on the New York City real estate market fits your needs and will remain a valuable investment.

Here are three luxury home design trends in New York City:

1. Classic and contemporary blend. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Best in America Living Awards, the modern home combines traditional architecture with more contemporary influences for a comfortable and classy space. Interior design experts recommend using neutral colors on the walls and incorporating pops of color in accessories such as pillows, accent seating and vases.

2. Open floor plan. Flexible, multi-functional spaces are growing in popularity across the nation. However, in a city that is known for cramped quarters, it is an even more vital feature. Open floor plans that combine the living area, dining room and kitchen are ideal for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. Use area rugs, accessories and a cohesive color palette to create separate spaces with definitive functions.

3. Large windows in a kitchen. Bring the outside in by living in a home featuring large windows. The sunlight will make a room feel airy and bright, while also causing the space to seem larger. According to the source, nearly two-thirds of homeowners - and three-quarters of those under the age of 45 - want a larger kitchen. Large windows will help create that desired open feeling in your kitchen.