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Luxury lighting options to brighten your NYC home

13 Jun 2013 5:56 PM
Luxury lighting options to brighten your NYC home

New York City has long been regarded as a vibrant cultural center, and upscale design elements that are popularized in the metropolitan area are often adopted by owners of luxury homes across the country. One trend that has traditionally been favored among affluent consumers nationwide is the inclusion of elegant lighting fixtures customized to meet their specific tastes.

If you're looking to update your Manhattan real estate, considering the following options for sophisticated lighting schemes. Incorporating such features into your dwelling can boost its interior design appeal as well as effectively illuminate your refined living spaces.

Cosmopolitan chandeliers
The addition of a chandelier can enhance the look of any interior room. These fixtures are commonly found in the formal dining rooms and foyers of urbane properties. Usually secured to a ceiling, the feature provides a cultured aesthetic, and may be composed of a number of different materials - including crystal, glass, wood or precious metals.

As they can range widely in both size and style, chandeliers also vary in price. If you're looking for a high-end option, consider ordering a custom piece from the Italian island of Murano, where expert artisans craft hand-blown glass masterpieces.

Creatively recessed lighting
These lighting fixtures can often be found in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, as well as art galleries and libraries, as they enable homeowners to easily control the amount of light used and give the spaces a refined appearance.

Though lights are sunken into ceilings, you can manipulate their intensity using a dimmer switch and direct the illumination in whatever direction you wish, in order to create the appropriate ambiance for an intimate dinner or large social event.

Exquisite floor, table lamps
If you want to have additional control over lighting schemes in your house and wish to improve the continuity of its interior design, you may want to consider purchasing a set of complementary floor and table lamps. The fixtures' beauty and mobility make them a good choice for homeowners, especially if rooms are redecorated regularly.

Tiffany and Company, a name synonymous with luxury, once offered an extensive line of sophisticated lamp styles - many of which can still be purchased and incorporated into a variety of design schemes. As the business was started in New York City back in 1837, featuring such products in your home can provide talking points on local history, as well as boost its overall appeal.