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Let in the light: How a window upgrade can add elegance to your Ventura home

4 Dec 2012 9:38 AM
Let in the light: How a window upgrade can add elegance to your Ventura home

When homeowners settle on a renovation project, they often pick one of a few popular choices: a bathroom upgrade, a kitchen redesign or a new entranceway, among others. However, people who want take a more unique approach to upgrading their Ventura real estate may want to consider making improvements to their windows, as such upgrades can increase the functionality and beauty of their houses.

According to some home design experts, window projects are often overlooked, but, if done with an eye toward opulence, they can be one of the most effective ways to add a personal flair to luxury homes. According to the Ventura County Star, recent advancements in window manufacturing and installation have resulted in a wealth of options for homeowners. Extra-strong glass and improved frames and siding have added to the benefits of replacing windows throughout a home.

Additionally, new designs and visually appealing materials have led many homeowners to take on the project as much for aesthetic reasons as for functional ones. In contrast to years past, when most window projects were solely for heat retention or energy savings, current undertakings often focus on using windows to increase the elegance of a home. Of course, people who take this approach should know that it may not pay off in terms of dollars and cents, but it will likely add to their enjoyment of their home.

"[Modern windows are] too expensive to think you're going to get your money back either in terms of energy savings or when you're selling your house," Kit Selzer, a senior editor at Better Homes and Gardens, told the news source.

To some, the beauty that a window upgrade adds is well worth the expense. Here are a few of the most current approaches to adding a bit of class to your home with a window renovation project.

Curved glass
One popular choice these days is curved glass - either for a bay window or sliding door. According to Luxury Windows and Doors, these concave glass products can have a dramatic effect on a home's appearance both inside and out.

Vented picture windows
Installing picture windows can be a great way to showcase rooms with a great deal of natural light. Newer models can be installed to incorporate venting, which allows homeowners to let fresh air into the rooms in addition to abundant sunlight.

It may not be the first renovation project to come to mind, but a window upgrade can benefit a home's elegance as much as any other more common approach.