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An eclectic design approach for Manhattan real estate

18 Mar 2013 11:54 AM
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When people go about a home redecorating project, they often try to pick a theme and create a coherent atmosphere in their house. This approach has the benefit of consistency, but some designers have begun advocating a more varied style. Believing that a disparate collection of art and furnishings can add depth and vibrancy to a home, these professionals have started advocating a more mix-and-match approach to some of their clients.

Collection of pieces
When New York-based interior designer Steven Gambrel moved into a new apartment, he decided that he would practice what he preached and implement a more diverse design. 

"I wanted to create a refined-yet-rugged environment, where all the materials were honest, humble, and authentic," he told New York Magazine.

To achieve this, Gambrel selected pieces that wouldn't traditionally go together but that he felt had some complementary features. Using end-grain wood flooring and rough-coat plaster for the walls, he was able to give his new apartment a rustic charm that meshed surprisingly well with his favorite pieces of furniture from his previous home. 

When he was finished with the project, Gambrel felt he was right in his belief that the variety gave his new apartment a unique, if slightly unorthodox, feel.

"I wanted it to feel more like a collection of pieces and less like a decorated environment, which is not always the way I would proceed with a space," he told the source.

Growing trend
Gambrel is not alone. Many other owners of Manhattan townhouses are taking similarly eclectic approaches. According to the Huffington Post, picking pieces of art and furniture that are outwardly distinct but share at least one common trait can help you create a one-of-a-kind design scheme.

Furthermore, appropriating pieces from different eras and styles - classical and modern, for example - can result in a space that is not confined to a specific design school or era, which is a characteristic that many New Yorkers prize for their homes. 

Your own style
A mix-and-match design approach isn't for everybody, but people who pull it off often give their homes a sense of confidence and unique style, according to Houzz. If you are a person who appreciates diversity and idiosyncrasy, an eclectic home design could be the perfect style for you.