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Adding a back deck to your Hamptons' home

3 Oct 2012 8:22 AM
Adding a back deck to your Hamptons' home

The process of creating and maintaining the perfect home is an idiosyncratic and creative undertaking. Some people change the furniture to make their home's interior more reflective of their personality. Others periodically change the house's layout to keep things fresh. Still others focus on the exterior - applying a new coat of paint, for example, or changing the landscaping.

Another way some homeowners work to improve their living situations is by adding new rooms or other structures to their existing homes. For owners of some Hamptons real estate, this last tactic is a popular one. With so much beautiful land and long-standing, unique homes, the Hamptons are in many ways an ideal place to keep an existing home and remodel it by expanding the structure.

This is what designer Marnie McBryde opted to do with a somewhat run-of-the-mill home in East Hampton. Because the home was on a beautiful, spacious lot, she felt that it offered the perfect opportunity for her to flex her creativity and create an altogether new property, according to a recent article in Hamptons Magazine.

Wanting to emphasize the home's connection to the surrounding natural beauty, McBryde, who is also creative director of Hamptons Modern, decided to add a great deal of high-quality glass and to design a sizable back porch that blended gracefully into the backyard.

"What I tried to do was let the house settle into the landscape by extending the deck and creating this big, podium-like staircase," Hampton-based architect Maziar Behrooz, who McBryde tapped to build the deck, told the magazine. "It feels like the whole living room continues out and gently flows down to the pool."

This technique could be a useful one for other Hamptons' residents looking for creative ways to change their homes. Decks add a great deal of extra living and relaxing space to a house without requiring the complete overhaul that interior renovations often do.

Decks can also be optimal remodeling projects because they are so multi-purpose. In different contexts, a deck can serve as an additional outdoor dining room, an impromptu cocktail lounge or a conveniently located garden. However, like any major home addition, a good deck requires a fair amount of planning and a keen eye for style and function.

According to Houselogic, homeowners will want to pay special attention to the type of wood (or other material) they select for the deck, as well as picking a size that complements - rather than overwhelms - an existing home.

For Hamptons' residents looking for a great way to add depth, beauty and practicality to a home, there may be no better way to do so than designing the perfect back deck.