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New York City, New York

William La Rock

William LaRock’s exemplary skills in sales and marketing precede his joining Sotheby's International Realty. William was CEO of La Rock Fragrance Group where his savvy recognized the market for high-end, essential, oil-based fragrance products. William was hands-on throughout the entire process: formulating the fragrances, creating elegance in its packaging, presenting to the trade, and product sell-in and displays to retailers. Being at the forefront of this market gap, William seized the opportunity to supply private label product for established businesses such as Shiseido, Guess and Philosophy. Gaining recognition from the President and First Lady of France and the Mayor of Paris, William sold his business at a sizable profit after 8 years.

William worked for a Japanese conglomerate where he negotiated and started a Distance Learning Center in Japan, partnering with one of the world's great teaching and research institutions, Stanford University. William successfully negotiates for the people and companies he represents. While never leaving his clients’ corner, he maintains a keen focus on priorities, anticipating their needs and swiftly resolving any potential conflicts. These talents have become a cornerstone of William's professional acumen.

Before these business accomplishments, William wanted to see the world and signed on as a model for a prestigious agency in Italy where he was booked for runway, print, and TV work. During these years, William was privileged to meet many influential and titled people in their homes who further engaged his eye for sophisticated presentation. William has maximized his skills to assist clients present their homes in a way that highlights the property’s particular value and beauty, while imparting to a buyer the ability to envision living within it.

William has sat on the board of directors for non-profits, raising over a million dollars for Friendly House, a women’s recovery home for drug and alcohol abuse. He also contributes to the Police Athletic League, The Phoenix Society for burn survivors, City Harvest, Citymeals On-Wheels, and Sustainable South Bronx. William frequently attends New York City community board meetings to enhance his awareness of community development, land use and zoning issues.