Jane Forman has lived in Greenwich Village for over 30 years and has been a real estate broker specializing in townhouse and prewar apartments for over 25 years. Her special interests include restoring old houses and gardening. She can often be seen pulling weeds from tree pits and enjoying the great architecture of the village while she walks her dog, Margaux.

Jane has raised her family in Greenwich Village and is active in community projects and preservation issues. She thinks the village is a very special place to live and that it attracts some of the most interesting people in New York.

Jane holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MA from New York University. Her previous jobs were at the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Research Institute of America and the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth.

Jane's sold properties include: Townhouse 129 West 11th Street, Single Family; Townhouse 288 West 4th Street, Single Family; Townhouse 25 West 11th Street, Single Family; Townhouse, 6 Morton Street, Single Family; 156 West 13th Street, Single Family; Townhouse 31 Morton Street, Single Family; Townhouse 50 Morton Street, 6 units; Townhouse 54 Morton Street, 10 units; Townhouse 12 1/2 St. Luke's Place, Two Family; Townhouse 311 West 4th Street, Three Family; 288 West 12th Street, 3-Bedroom, Townhouse Duplex; 33 Fifth Avenue, 2-Bedroom, Prewar Co-Op; 29 East 9th Street, 2-Bedroom, Prewar Co-Op; 32 Washington Square West, Classic 7, Prewar Co-Op; 171 West 12th Street, 2-Bedroom, Prewar Co-Op; and 68 Jane Street, 2-Bedroom, Prewar Co-Op.

Jane's rented properties include: 13 Gay Street Townhouse; 25 West 11th Street Townhouse; 129 West 11th Street Townhouse; 637 Hudson Street, 4-Bedroom with 2 Terraces, Loft Duplex; 39 Fifth Avenue, 1-Bedroom, Prewar; 15 St. Luke's Place, 1-Bedroom, Townhouse Floor-Thru; 1 St. Luke's Place, 3-Bedroom, Townhouse Floor-Thru; 269 West 11th Street, 3-Bedroom, Townhouse Duplex; 30 Leroy Street, 5 Rooms with Garden, Townhouse Duplex; and 54 Morton Street, 7 Rooms with Garden, Townhouse Triplex, 59 West 12th Street, Prewar Condo; and 580 West End Avenue, Prewar Co-op.