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What makes a kitchen 'Cape Cod-style'?

29 Sep 2014
The unique design of the luxury real estate throughout Cape Cod has had a lasting effect. In fact, it has become a design trend in and of itself: Across the country, individuals are asking designers and architects to build them something that looks like it was transplanted right off the Cape.  That's especially true of one parti Read More

The Bay Area Blues Festival comes to San Francisco

25 Sep 2014
For years, residents of the luxury real estate in the Bay area have had a number of major festivals to look forward to. Two of those festivals - the Polk Street Blues Festival and the Downtown Martinez Italian Street Painting Festival - will merge this year to create one super-sized celebration. That combined event, dubbed the Bay A Read More

The sights to see and things to do in Santa Ynez

25 Sep 2014
There's some amazing luxury real estate in the Santa Ynez area - but the people who live there don't stay home very often. For an answer to why, you just need to look to two recent lists posted by Trip Buzz: The website has ranked the top destinations in the area, both for families and in a more general sense . We've earmarked a few of Read More

Santa Fe will soon play host to Wine & Chile Fiesta

23 Sep 2014
Santa Fe residents have a lot to celebrate: The perfectly modulated weather in their home town, the luxury real estate located throughout it and the thriving social scene, for just a few examples. Later on this week, though, they'll be able to celebrate something much more specific than any of those earlier factors - as a major annual party wi Read More

The Beer Festival runs throughout this weekend in Ventura

22 Sep 2014
Ventura County has been playing host to the annual beer festival for the entirety of the past eight days - and it all culminated over the past weekend. And what a perfect weekend it was for the celebration: With heat waves crossing the West Coast, there was no better time to settle down with an ice cold brew in the shade. The residents of Ven Read More

The Santa Barbara Yacht Club's Fall Regatta is fast approaching

19 Sep 2014
Yachting regattas are extremely popular events across the entire world, and for good reason. They offer a chance for specialists to show off their skills, for communities to come together and for citizens to enjoy a day out on the waterfront, all at once. Sure, you may love the luxury real estate you spend most of your days in - but who would turn Read More

The Monterey Jazz Festival takes over this weekend

17 Sep 2014
The Monterey Peninsula is well known for playing host to some of the finest luxury real estate in the country - but very few local residents will be spending the upcoming weekend indoors. That's because the famous Monterey Jazz Festival is taking over this weekend, with shows running from Sept. 19 to Sept. 21. If you're anyw Read More

The High Line Dinner is this week

16 Sep 2014
This Wednesday, the art world of New York City will come together for one of the biggest - and most high-profile - events of its year. The second annual High Line Dinner will be occurring, "under the cover of the Chelsea Market Passage," for 200 extremely special guests. The event promises to help "expand the role of contemporary ar Read More

The Spirit of Greenwich Awards will be given out this weekend

12 Sep 2014
For the 20th straight year, the Spirit of Greenwich awards will be given out. It'll be happening this weekend, on Sept. 16, at the home of Giovanna and Brian Miller - and it's sure to be one of the most important events of the year for all local residents. What are these awards? They're dedicated to "celebrating women and their co Read More

HarborFest comes to the Hamptons

10 Sep 2014
If you live in some of the Hampton's luxury real estate , then you're likely well aware of the history of Sag Harbor. This weekend, local residents are going to have a big chance to celebrate that history. The annual HarborFest event - widely known as "Sag Harbor's annual maritime celebration" - will be occurring th Read More