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Hamptons sees influx of successful financial firms

20 Nov 2013
Vacationing in the Hamptons has long offered urbanites living in New York City the opportunity for brief respite from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan area. But now, it seems that financial professionals who experienced success in the Big Apple are increasingly eyeing luxury real estate in this affluent group of communities as new lo Read More

How owners of luxury Ventura real estate update fireplaces

16 Nov 2013
While Californians are routinely treated to ample sunshine and comfortable temperatures, weather patterns that arrive during the winter often bring colder air to the region and influence individuals to spend more time indoors. Even though the city of Ventura has a prime location on the coast, its residents tend to see their thermometers' Read More

Chamber Music Monterey Bay to present performance by celebrated musical trio

14 Nov 2013
For decades, Monterey has been considered a premier destination for touring musicians and their fans, as the city has hosted a number of memorable exclusive performances and festival shows. Regularly drawing crowds from across California and the country, as well as local luxury real estate owners, this metropolitan area has its fair share of Read More

Shop for designer fashions at upscale boutiques in Santa Ynez

13 Nov 2013
The state of California offers its residents a wide array of exciting opportunities, as its geography regularly provides gorgeous weather and its topography affords numerous options for recreation. However, one of the activities most frequently enjoyed by Golden State luxury real estate owners is browsing the cutting-edge couture sold at countless Read More

Opera Santa Barbara gears up for exclusive performances in November

8 Nov 2013
Offering its residents and visitors countless opportunities for recreation and enjoyment, the Golden State is not only home to specialty businesses and cutting-edge technologies, but also vibrant culture. California's many cities and affluent communities of luxury real estate owners have long been the site of ongoing innovation in numerou Read More

Drinking al fresco: 4 fantastic outdoor bars in San Francisco

5 Nov 2013
Aside from the vibrant culture, historic significance, laid back lifestyle, impressive art scene and exemplary gourmet restaurants, visitors to San Francisco are often excited to experience the city's many outdoor bars. At these establishments, the finest spirits are expertly combined to make creative cocktails that taste as fresh as the surro Read More

3 places to get a great steak in the Hamptons

4 Nov 2013
While its geographic location may lead some to believe that the best dishes available in the Hamptons are comprised of exquisite seafood, the high-end steak houses found within this group of affluent communities are also of the highest caliber.  During the day, luxury real estate owners and faraway visitors alike can be found enjoying the pic Read More

Dinner and a view: 3 NYC restaurants boasting scenic vistas

1 Nov 2013
On just about every block in New York City, impressive feats of modern architecture are regularly on display. The metropolitan area is home to some of the world's tallest buildings and most attractive bridges, not to mention Central Park, which offers urbanites the chance to spend time enjoying beautiful scenery in the middle of the concrete j Read More

Places to find gourmet cuisine when in Palm Beach

1 Nov 2013
Thanks to its location on the coast of Florida, the affluent community of Palm Beach is routinely treated to the freshest seafood, as well as prime meats and pristine produce from local farms. Accordingly, the town is home to one of the Sunshine State's most exciting culinary scenes. Its historic streets are peppered with high-end eateries and Read More