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Helping the environment while improving the style of your Santa Barbara home

7 Dec 2012
Every year, more Wine Country residents update their homes to be more environmentally friendly. In years past, this has meant utilizing some rather bulky or otherwise inelegant features, such as large solar panels. However, as technology has improved, many people have begun to add eco-friendly features to their Santa Barbara real estate witho Read More

Demand for Palm Beach homes and rental units way up this fall

6 Dec 2012
Although Palm Beach is often considered one of the most desirable places to live in its region, this appears to be especially true now. The rebounding national housing market and the continued appeal of this warm-weather, culture-filled area have helped make it one of the most in-demand metro areas in the country. According to a recent report from Read More

Four Greenwich musicians to perform pieces from the classical canon

5 Dec 2012
When someone begins to spend a significant amount of time in Greenwich, he or she can easily be struck by the city's emphasis on culture. For a city of its size, Greenwich boasts a surprisingly high number of artistic groups, festivals and events, including several museums, a maritime aquarium and Audubon society. However, one of the city' Read More

Let in the light: How a window upgrade can add elegance to your Ventura home

4 Dec 2012
When homeowners settle on a renovation project, they often pick one of a few popular choices: a bathroom upgrade, a kitchen redesign or a new entranceway, among others. However, people who want take a more unique approach to upgrading their Ventura real estate may want to consider making improvements to their windows, as such upgrades can increase Read More

Giving your Greenwich home an eco-friendly bathroom makeover

3 Dec 2012
The demand for environmentally sustainable and green-minded renovations and design projects seems to be reaching a fever pitch. Across the country, millions of homeowners are tackling eco-friendly projects, hoping to give their homes a better sense of harmony with nature. For some, this means installing solar panels on a roof or replacing ineffici Read More