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The best lunch spots on Los Angeles' Eastside

29 Aug 2014
If you live in some of Los Angeles' luxury real estate , then you're probably a fair drive away from the Eastside. That doesn't mean you don't need to make the trek over, though: Some of the best eateries in the state, if not in the country, are located over at the other side of town. And when you're looking for some light lunc Read More

Palm Beach residents can now appreciate 'Art After Dark'

27 Aug 2014
We all love touring museums. It's often one of the most relaxing experiences available to anyone in a city - lights are low, noise is kept to a minimum and you're surrounded by an expertly curated selection of world-class artworks. Unfortunately, the experience isn't always perfect: No one likes spending a full day Read More

The best restaurants in Houston

26 Aug 2014
If you don't live in any of the luxury real estate located throughout Houston, then you probably have a skewed vision of what life is like in the area. You might think, for example, that if you want to go out and eat, most - if not all - of your options will be steakhouses. Indeed, Houston - and the other major cities in Texas - all have some Read More

The sights to see in Santa Fe

25 Aug 2014
Those lucky enough to live in the luxury real estate lined throughout Santa Fe already know that they reside in one of world's most majestic places. So if you're ever traveling through, be prepared: You're going to spend a lot of time stopping and staring in awe at the many transcendently beautiful sights located here. If you do live i Read More

The Hampton Classic will be held this weekend

22 Aug 2014
One of the largest outdoor horse shows in the entire country, the Hampton Classic - located in Bridgehampton, New York - is one of the most widely anticipated events of its sort every single year. It's even been named a Heritage Competition by the United States Equestrian Foundation. The occasion is more than just a great horse racing eve Read More

The Open Studio tour comes to Santa Barbara this weekend

21 Aug 2014
We've often written about the dense depths of the art scene in Santa Barbara. This area plays home to some of the finest exhibitions and artists the country has to offer. Now, this weekend, you can shift focus: Instead of paying attention to the work, Santa Barbara residents can train their gazes on the artists themselves.  That's tha Read More

Transcendence Theatre Company's Broadway Under the Stars program picks back up

20 Aug 2014
If you live in some of the luxury real estate lining the West Coast, then it's easy to get jealous about the cultural offerings on hand out east. When you look at Broadway programs scheduled, you can't help but wish you could enjoy the same performances out west. Now you can! The Broadway Under the Stars program brings multiple different s Read More

The Museum of Ventura County's "Diamonds are Forever" exhibit has been extended

19 Aug 2014
It's not often that you see any exhibit or performance get an extended run. When it happens, it's proof that the members of the community where that performance or culture is located have received a massive amount of both enjoyment and insight from whatever it is being exhibited. So, the news that the "Diamonds are Forever" Read More

The best places to eat in Greenwich

15 Aug 2014
If you reside within Greenwich, Connecticut, then you certainly have a taste for fine living. You probably live in some of the area's finest luxury real estate , and you almost certainly spend much of your time in the many great shops, museums and other cultural attractions that the town has to offer. There's one thing we're forge Read More

Sailing down the San Francisco Bay, in style

13 Aug 2014
As we've discussed previously, if you live in San Francisco, then you inevitably spend a fair amount of time staring out into the bay. For the residents who live in the area's luxury real estate , the bay offers more than just a momentary distraction while you're riding down the coast - it's also a destination for some top-she Read More