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The finest food and wine pairing opportunities in Santa Ynez

30 Apr 2014
California has traditionally been known for the high quality wines produced by vineyards throughout the state, thanks to the diverse topography, optimal weather patterns and comfortable temperatures that provide favorable conditions for grape cultivation and fermentation. Accordingly, the Golden State is home to a considerable community of oenophi Read More

San Francisco Opera to offer family-friendly screening of 'The Magic Flute' in Sonoma

29 Apr 2014
As one of the most historically significant cities in the United States, Sonoma has long been home to a fair share of unique cultural offerings, ranging from sophisticated gourmet eateries to cutting-edge art galleries. However, one of the metropolitan area's most beloved activities has traditionally been viewing entertaining live performances Read More

2014 Environmental Leadership Awards Dinner to be held April 30

28 Apr 2014
Thanks to its close proximity to New York City and other affluent metropolitan areas, Greenwich is often considered to be one of Connecticut's most culturally rich municipalities. In addition to the many financial services companies that call it home, this historic town boasts a vibrant art scene as well as a collection of world-class gourmet Read More

Cape Cod's Heritage Museums & Gardens provide opportunities to learn about, enjoy native flowers

24 Apr 2014
Cape Cod may be most often regarded for its collection of affluent coastal communities, but this region of Massachusetts boasts a number of other exciting attractions. For instance, the area's favorable climate and special topography is conducive to the growth of myriad species of exquisite flowers and plants, among them being the beautiful rh Read More

Santa Barbara homeowners make LEED-certified updates to luxury real estate

23 Apr 2014
Across California - and throughout much of the United States - environmentally-conscious individuals have sought to reduce their impact on surrounding areas by changing the ways in which they live their everyday lives. Although many people have attempted to do so by purchasing an electric car or hybrid vehicle, local owners of luxury real estate h Read More

Upscale charity benefit to be held at Santa Fe's Tano Castle

22 Apr 2014
Although the City Different is typically recognized for its unique topographical features, warm weather, rich history and vibrant culture, the southwestern metropolitan area is also well-known for another attribute: its dedication to philanthropy. Throughout Santa Fe, a number of organizations have long provided individuals with the assistance and Read More

The 3 best hiking spots in LA

21 Apr 2014
While many of Los Angeles' most affluent residents may spend their days shopping and dining alongside celebrities at different high-end boutiques and gourmet eateries, others can be found throughout the sprawling metropolitan area enjoying the great outdoors. Although the city may be considered a concrete jungle by some, there are a multitude Read More

San Francisco home prices see significant gains in 2014

16 Apr 2014
Along with its sunny weather, coastal vistas and cosmopolitan architecture, the City by the Bay is often highly regarded for its expansive communities of luxury real estate . These high-end properties afford owners access to the finest features and amenities, all while enjoying a central location in the popular metropolitan area. While housing mar Read More

Palm Beach chic: Interview with designer Patrick Killian, of Patrick Killian Inc.

15 Apr 2014
Largely thanks to its coastal location and community of affluent  luxury real estate owners, Palm Beach is often regarded as one of Florida's most stylish metropolitan areas. In addition to the cutting edge fashions worn by locals, a number of chic trends can be found within many homes throughout the historic town. This is no doubt due to Read More

Ronald Walker art exhibition enters final week

14 Apr 2014
Often regarded for its coastal location, high-end luxury real estate and proximity to both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, the City of San Buenaventura has long been a destination for established artists and burgeoning dilettantes alike. Aside from the metropolitan area's suitable scenery and favorable weather, it boasts a number of g Read More