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Try horseback riding in Sonoma County

Appreciating horses in the Hamptons

5 Nov 2012
Horses and humans have a long, intertwined history. Whether easing travel, helping around the farm or performing bravely in battle, horses have contributed a lot to human civilization. Today, these services aren't in as high demand, but horses remain a valued part of many aspects of American culture. In the Hamptons, where spacious land abound Read More
Helping the Hamptons become the

Honey sweetens the allure of the Hamptons

12 Oct 2012
For millennia, honey has been considered a "superfood" - long before the coining of that particular buzzword. From its first cultivation in the Middle East to the medieval honey-based beverage of mead, the sweet nectar has consistently played an important role in cuisine and medicine. Although it has a long and varied history, honey has, Read More
  Finding the right night on the town in the Hamptons

Finding the right night on the town in the Hamptons

17 Sep 2012
Sometimes, a night on the town is exactly what the doctor ordered. Whether a well-deserved cap to a hard week at work or a celebratory dinner for an anniversary or birthday, such excursions can buoy the spirits of anybody looking for a little fun. Luckily for owners of Hamptons real estate , the area is filled with exciting, elegant and downright Read More