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Visit the Hamptons for a day of art appreciation

7 Oct 2013 5:36 PM
Visit the Hamptons for a day of art appreciation

While many individuals who reside in New York City may argue that they don't need to leave the metropolitan area's limits to see some of the world's finest art, a substantial amount of critically acclaimed works are exhibited in the affluent coastal community just outside the city known as the Hamptons.

Vibrant culture can be found within this picturesque group of exclusive hamlets and villages on Long Island, as its longstanding arts scene has attracted well-known names and public figures for years. During a normal day, the rich and famous can be seen going about their business alongside area residents and Hamptons real estate owners. If you consider yourself an avid art enthusiast and currently live in the area, or are planning an extended tour in the near future, you may want to make visiting these establishment a priority on future days off. 

Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center
Purchased in 1945 with a loan from Peggy Guggenheim, this was the home of renowned abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollack and his equally talented wife, Lee Krasner. Today, the house acts as a public museum and library, where visitors can spend time exploring the artists' private abode and viewing the studio spaces where each one created some of their most recognizable works of art, many of which are now displayed in museums all over the world. 

The Leiber Collection
Constructed in 2005, this gallery was built by Gerson and Judith Leiber to house their collections of art and act as a retrospective of their storied careers. Hundreds of Judith's handbag designs are available for view, as well as Gerson's many paintings, sculptures and drawings. Past exhibitions have focused on antique Chinese porcelains from eight dynasties and Japanese woodblock prints. In addition to the gallery, guests can enjoy access to the Leiber's outdoor garden, which is a conglomeration of sculptural installations and distinguished gardening styles. 

Parrish Art Museum
Founded more than a century ago, this 34,000-square-foot museum features a permanent collection of well-known pieces from influential artists in seven naturally-lit galleries. Here, the public can view the largest exhibition of William Merritt Chase - which includes more than 40 works - as well as about 250 pieces crafted by Fairfield Porter. Additionally, the museum regularly offers a number of enriching programs and events, during which both members and visitors can learn about art - and create their own.