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The best eateries in the Hamptons

4 Jun 2014 5:48 PM
Fine living: The best eateries in the Hamptons

The Hamptons is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the entire world - so it makes sense that it also plays host to some of the greatest restaurants. Perhaps the only thing as luxurious as real estate in the Hamptons, in fact, is the food they serve there.

Listed below are a few noteworthy? restaurants that serve residents and visitors of the Hamptons every night. Every single one is worth eating at, being seen at and spending time in - these are restaurants that offer great experiences, as well as great food. After all, what good is luxury real estate without equally luxurious eateries to dine? Don't miss out on any of these fine restaurants when you make your next trip to this world-famous getaway. 

Starr Boggs
Headed by the legendary and eponymous Chef Starr, this restaurant offers some "tried and true" Hamptons classics - from crab cakes and crusted flounder to thick cut swordfish. If you're looking for world-class seafood during your Hamptons vacation, you can't do much better than Starr Boggs. 

Do you know your whites from your reds, by the way? If so, Starr Boggs is going to be an essential stop during your trip - the restaurant employs many well-trained wine connoisseurs, and can provide an impressive selection ranging across innumerable palates. You won't find a more extensive wine list anywhere in the Hamptons.

Finally, the location itself is magnificent: it's a converted historic home, so you can trust that it's "homey" in all the right ways. And don't forget to check out the authentic Warhols on the wall before you leave!

Dave's Grill
One of the Hamptons' most heralded waterfront restaurants, Dave's Grill has been delighting Montauk foodies for years with a menu that many suggest provides the very best seafood in all of the Hamptons. Established in the late 80s, the restaurant has been providing much-loved dinners to Hampton eaters for more than two decades now

There's a very diverse menu at Dave's, with meat, pasta and vegetarian selections all staking claim as standout dishes. But any local worth their salt will know to tell you that the lobster roll - filled with a 1/2 pound of meat - is the real highlight at Dave's. You'll be lucky if you still have the energy to try one of the famous "chocolate bag" desserts after such a perfect meal!

Palm Restaurant
Located deep in the heart of picturesque East Hampton, the Palm Restaurant has been offering consumers some of the highest quality dining available in the area for almost 90 years running. The steaks are to die for - and the signature desserts, like the flourless chocolate cake or the creme brûlée, will help to pick you right up again! However, the Palm is often cited as one of the loudest restaurant locations in the Hamptons - so if you're looking for a quiet, relaxing night out, you may want to decide on one of the other restaurants listed here. 

Sienna Restaurant and Ultralounge
?One of the more recently opened restaurant locations in the Hamptons is the Sienna. The menu here offers "standard party fare," according to Grub Street, but the atmosphere itself is anything but standard: especially on Saturdays in July, when the Sienna offers its "boozy brunches." This may not be the perfect restaurant for a formal meal - but if you're looking for somewhere to have a bite and a drink after a long day at the beach, then you won't do better than the Sienna.