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Stone Creek Inn offers fresh Mediterranean-style dining

30 May 2013 12:18 PM
Stone Creek Inn offers fresh Mediterranean-style dining

In the summer, many owners of Hamptons real estate throw their towels over the backs, don their flip-flops and dine on fresh, casual food at a beach-side cafe. Of course, many of these residents also crave a somewhat fancier evening from time to time, and when they do they often turn to the Stone Creek Inn.

This classy restaurant has gained acclaim for its carefully constructed dishes, locally sourced ingredients and top-notch atmosphere. Opened in 1996, the eatery has become a mainstay among the gourmet-minded Hamptons crowd, earning numerous awards and rave reviews along the way.

Christian Mir, a native of southern France with a broad background in fine dining, opened the Stone Creek Inn with his wife and has been guiding the kitchen ever since. According to Hamptons Magazine, his steady stewardship has helped the restaurant remain current and vital, as he continues to adapt the menu and feature an ever-growing selection of local vegetables and seafood

Although the restaurant is well-known for its crowd-pleasing appetizers (like grilled Portuguese octopus and Long Island duck meatballs) and its elegant decor (which Fodor's called "light and airy" and designed to "provide a memorable dining experience"), the Stone Creek Inn truly sets itself apart in two specific areas: superlative entrees and a world-class wine list.

The main course
The Stone Creek Inn's main dishes receive a great deal of attention from the chef, and it shows. According to Zagat, the "adventurous" and "superior" menu makes every visit to the eatery a one-of-a-kind experience. Partly, this is because the menu is always changing - with the seasons, the chef's whims and the availability of certain ingredients - and partly it is because each dish is carefully prepared and made to order.

This season, dishes like Tuscan farro ragu with butternut squash and rabbit fricassee with olives and rosemary populate the carefully curated menu. Relying on only a few simple ingredients for each dish allows the flavors to shine through, and the emphasis on local ingredients ensures that every dish is as fresh as possible.

The right pairing
To match these bold flavors and unique combinations, the restaurant offers an extensive and varied wine list that helped the restaurant win Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence in 2011. Focusing on Mediterranean wines, Stone Creek Inn is sure to have something for everyone - whether a deep and hearty red to match the Australian rack of lam or a bright white to go along with the venue's famous seafood pasta.