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Navy Beach refines laid-back seafood fare

18 Mar 2013 11:52 AM
Navy Beach refines laid-back seafood fare

It's only been a few years since it first opened its doors in 2010, but Montauk's Navy Beach has already become one of the region's most popular and heralded restaurants. While the restaurant's unparalleled ocean views and creative menu have helped it attract hordes of diners, it is the venue's laid-back charm and dining experience that make it such a rare gem.

In her review for The New York Times, food critic Julie Earle-Levine waxed rhapsodically about the eatery's rustic charm and idiosyncratic design.

"The restaurant's decor blends vintage beach club and yacht club, with whitewashed walls, wood beams, nautical flags and shadowboxed retro swimsuits and bathing caps," she wrote. 

Adding to this creatively laid out restaurant's charm is the fact that it is somewhat hard to find. It rests on an out-of-sight beach and hungry diners must walk down a winding path before they satisfy their appetites. However, the routinely full dining room makes it clear that the effort is well worth it.

It's not just the decor and tucked-away nature that makes Navy Beach such a popular destination, though. The menu's wide-ranging options and carefully paired dishes have helped the establishment develop quite a following among owners of Montauk and Hamptons real estate as well as adventurous tourists and city-dwellers.

Unsurprisingly, the menu skews heavily toward seafood. Lobster tagliatelle, tuna tataki salad and seared sea scallops are all popular entrees, each made with carefully sourced ingredients and a keen attention to detail. According to Hamptons Online, the menu was dutifully honed and refined by Paul Labue, who moved over from The Laundry, another Hamptons hotspot. The restaurant's ideal location has encourage Labue to stretch his seafood imagination, which has resulted in creative takes on seafood and corn chowder and seafood ceviche. 

People hoping to wash down the abundance of fresh seafood with first-rate drinks are in luck: the beverage menu is long and diverse. Creative cocktails like Navy Grog - dark and light rum mixed with grapefruit, orange and pineapple juices - and Marganera - silver tequila and creme yvette blended with raspberries, blackberries and lime - ensure that no diner leaves Navy Beach parched.