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Indian Wells Tavern is the perfect spot for a relaxing meal

24 Apr 2013 12:50 PM
Indian Wells Tavern is the perfect spot for a relaxing meal

Some nights call for an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience characterized by expert, formal service and intricate dishes. However, more often than not, a simple, satisfying, comfortable dining experience is more apt to fit the bill. For nights like those, restaurants like Indian Wells Tavern are the ideal venues.

This beloved restaurant tucked into the center of Amagansett is the perfect place for a pleasing, straightforward meal and a cold pint. With stick-to-the-rib dishes like New England clam chowder, house smoked ribs and the famous Tavern Burger, the Indian Wells Tavern has become one of the regions go-to spots for unpretentious - but perfectly prepared - pub fare.

Which isn't to say that the food is unremarkable. In fact, quite the contrary - the warm and welcoming tavern has become a favorite sport for owners of Hamptons real estate to sample pub food elevated to the next level. The ingredients are fresh, the dishes carefully constructed and the service unimpeachable. According to the East Hampton Patch, the simple dishes belie the level of care and attention to detail that go into them. Whether you're stopping by for a leisurely Sunday lunch or a convivial dinner with friends, the food is sure to please all members of your party without resorting to the lowest-common-denominator approach that plagues so many similar eateries.

Of course, the food is only part of the draw. Like any good tavern, Indian Wells prides itself on its comprehensive list of draft beer, respected wines and hand-crafted cocktails. The restaurant has a steady supply of beers on tap from around the world, including the perennial pub favorite Guinness. If stouts and ales aren't your drinks of choice, though, Indian Wells won't disappoint. A long list of specialty cocktails - including the bourbon and apple liqueur-inflected Fireside - ensure that every great meal is accompanied by a suitable beverage.