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Finding the right night on the town in the Hamptons

17 Sep 2012 8:15 AM
  Finding the right night on the town in the Hamptons

Sometimes, a night on the town is exactly what the doctor ordered. Whether a well-deserved cap to a hard week at work or a celebratory dinner for an anniversary or birthday, such excursions can buoy the spirits of anybody looking for a little fun. Luckily for owners of Hamptons real estate, the area is filled with exciting, elegant and downright fun nightlife activities.

In terms of nightlife, the Hamptons has something for everyone - the key is knowing where to look. Staying up to date on the hottest spots and most popular venues can ensure that you have your finger on the Hamptons' pulse. That way, there will never be a Saturday night where you're unsure of where to go - you'll always know which spot will transform a run-of-the-mill evening into an extraordinary one.

To help in this quest, Hamptons Magazine compiled a list of the premier spots to find a perfect night on the town - whether for a rollicking celebration or a tranquil evening catching up with friends over a bottle of wine.

Andrra, 39 Gann Road, East Hampton
If cutting a rug is your idea of a fun-filled Saturday night, you will certainly want to stop by Andrra. Once dinner is over, this seafood-and-steak venue turns into a lively ballroom. Flamenco fans may want to stop by on a Sunday, which is billed as a "Night in Ibiza" and will allow guests to get into a Mediterranean state of mind - helped by the restaurant's famous views of the nearby sea.

East Hampton Point, 295 Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton
For a more tranquil evening, residents may want to travel to the East Hampton Point, a local favorite. Jazz streams down from the stage as guests sip sumptuous cocktails and watch colorful sunsets over the water. The nautical-themed bar and stylish atmosphere help make this restaurant and lounge a great place for a romantic night.

Hamptons Players Club, 103 Montauk Hwy., East Hampton
For a more fun-and-games atmosphere, locals can head to the Hamptons Players Club. Centered around polo, this activity-filled establishment features plenty of opportunities for stress-relieving competition. On nights when the weather is pleasant, the sprawling beer garden is an ideal place to spend a laid-back evening catching up with friends. To blow off a little steam, head over to the adjoined Trophy Room for some dance-worthy tunes chosen by an in-house DJ.

Whatever the occasion may be, the Hamptons has plenty of options for a thrilling or relaxed night on the town.