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Appreciating horses in the Hamptons

5 Nov 2012 9:46 AM
Try horseback riding in Sonoma County

Horses and humans have a long, intertwined history. Whether easing travel, helping around the farm or performing bravely in battle, horses have contributed a lot to human civilization. Today, these services aren't in as high demand, but horses remain a valued part of many aspects of American culture.

In the Hamptons, where spacious land abounds and many residents have a particular love of equestrian activities, stables are a common sight. Many owners of Hamptons real estate get special joy from living in a place where they can indulge their love of horseback riding and share it with their children.

The rolling farmland of the Hamptons has helped make the region one of America's equestrian hotspots. Horse farms and boarding facilities dot the landscape and make it easy for horse enthusiasts to practice their craft and socialize with others who share their passion.

One example of a place where Hamptons residents can go to get their horse fix is the Hamptons Equestrian Stables. Located just outside of the village of East Hampton, this 33-acre facility had a long history before it became a year-round equestrian facility. For decades, it was a sprawling dairy farm that served local residents. Now, however, the property is home to some of the region's most beautiful and expertly trained horses and ponies.

The facility, which is located at 20 Springs Fireplace Road, is a great way for Hamptons residents to imbue a love of equestrian-related hobbies in their children. Offering lessons by trained professionals to children of all ages, the Hamptons Equestrian Stables are a true asset for any horse-loving Hamptons resident.

Of course, the Hamptons Equestrian Stables are just one among many of the Hamptons' equestrian offerings. Whether looking for lessons, celebrated horse shows or just a great place to go for a ride, Hamptons residents will likely find the equestrian facilities around the Hamptons have everything they need.