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A brunch mainstay in the Hamptons

18 Mar 2013 11:53 AM
A brunch mainstay in the Hamptons

In the Hamptons, brunch is a serious endeavor. New venues pop up all the time in the region, often under the tutelage of big-name chefs, hoping to satisfy the brunch-hungry masses. However, few of these newcomers can compete with one of the Hamptons' most beloved brunch spots - Babette's.

Babette's, an eclectic, locally minded restaurant, provides Hamptons residents with classic, high-quality brunch favorites with an eye toward ingenuity and inventiveness. Traditional breakfast mainstays like omelettes and pancakes rub shoulders with more audacious offerings like Tuscan quinoa and smoked salmon benedict.

In keeping with the times, Babette's offers an ample array of dishes geared toward vegetarians, vegans, locavore?s and whole-food enthusiasts. Seasonal smoothies, freshly squeezed cleansing  juices and homemade soups show off the Hamptons' produce and provide diners with a chance to simultaneously eat well and healthfully.

Of course, a trip to Babette's doesn't have to be simply an exercise in healthy consumption. In fact, the restaurant is perhaps best known for its carefully concocted breakfast cocktails, including what a review from Zagat dubbed the "knock your head off fresh squeezed bloody Mary's." Combined with rich dishes like Cinnamon Swirl French Toast and Huevos Deluxe, its clear that a meal at Babette's can easily swing from the decadent to the nutritious, depending on your mood.

This diversity has helped the establishment receive acclaim, not just among owners of Hamptons real estate, but also across the country. When celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis visited the region, she wasted no time before sidling up for a meal at Babette's. Like many people, De Laurentiis recommends visiting the restaurant in the spring or summer when you can make use of its popular outdoor patio.

In fact, Babette's has gained such popularity that when it was announced that the owners would be opening another location across the country in Santa Monica, it prompted an immediate and positive reaction from many hungry Californians.