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The Hampton Classic will be held this weekend

22 Aug 2014 3:57 PM
The Hampton Classic is this weekend!

One of the largest outdoor horse shows in the entire country, the Hampton Classic - located in Bridgehampton, New York - is one of the most widely anticipated events of its sort every single year. It's even been named a Heritage Competition by the United States Equestrian Foundation. The occasion is more than just a great horse racing event - it's a local institution. 

That's why everyone's so excited that the 2014 iteration is about to begin - this very weekend, in fact. For followers of the racing scene, this is an integral event: It's the first stateside stop in the East Coast World Cup League, which gives it much significance. For others, there's plenty to appreciate as well. The Hampton Classic offers everything, including shops, great food and drink, events for kids and more. There's even a race sponsored by Sotheby's International Realty!

What's the schedule like for this year's classic?
The Hampton Classic will be running for a full week this year, and it all starts this Sunday, Aug. 24. The Atlantic Opening Day will be highlighted by the $50,000 Clear Channel Hunter Derby - but there will be plenty of events for audiences of all ages to enjoy. 

"The Atlantic Opening Day activities set the classic off on a great foot," said Shanette Barth Cohen, executive director of the Hampton Classic. "Our local Long Island exhibitors get their chance to take center stage and spectators are able to see top level hunters in action!"

Monday will be a lighter day on the schedule, highlighted by the fifth annual ASPCA Adoption and Animal Welfare Day event. Tuesday will be marked by the start of the jumper division races, and Wednesday will bring the start of the Young Jumper Championship Finals. Thursday the 28th will bring a number of other championship races, as well.

In our office, though, we're most excited about Friday - and for obvious reasons. The $15,000 Speed Derby will be taking place, presented by none other than Sotheby's International Realty. It promises to be an incredibly exciting event, and we're honored to be helping make it happen.

The rest of the weekend will bring numerous other races, including the Grand Prix events on Sunday, Aug. 31. But even if horse racing isn't your cup of tea, you can't afford to miss the Classic. There's an entire area of boutique shops on the grounds, as well as numerous places to get great things to eat or drink. No matter your interests, your age or anything else, you're going to have fun at the Hampton Classic.

"The Hampton Classic offers something for everyone," explained Cohen. "From our world-class equestrian competition, to our distinguished high-end shopping boutiques and gourmet cuisine, the Hampton Classic provides spectators and exhibitors alike with a bounty of activity and excitement."

Where are tickets available for the classic?
You can get information about attending the classic at the event's official website. Grandstand tickets are now available for the Aug. 31 Grand Prix, for instance, and are moving fast - so don't hesitate to make your plans for where and when you'll be attending the event. 

Across the entire week of events, there's something for everybody. Whether you're a young child hanging out at the kid's tents or a diehard racing fan keeping a close eye on every single event, you're going to have a great time at the grounds over the course of the next week. There's a reason they call it the Classic - there are very few events on a par with this horse show.