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Next week: A fine arts fair in the Hamptons

9 Jul 2014 3:21 PM
Next week: A fine arts fair in the Hamptons

The Hamptons are like a work of art themselves. The beautiful beach fronts, the world-class seafood restaurants, the breathtakingly gorgeous luxury real estate that lines the entire location - you stare in awe of the place, as you would at the beauty of a Renaissance masterwork. Now, the two things will be coming together quite literally: ArtHamptons, the official fine arts fair of the New York area, will be having its annual iteration next weekend.

There are few recurring events in the Hamptons as well-respected - and as anticipated - as ArtHamptons, and with good reason. Every year, the festival brings together not just a large selection of important art works, but also important artists themselves: a large group of well-known artists will be on hand throughout the fair, which runs from July 10 through the 13th, to meet, greet and discuss the works on-hand with any crowds lucky enough to attend the events. And in its seventh year, ArtHampton?s is promising to bring together its best lineup yet. 

As usual, the fair will start with an "Opening Night Preview," with all proceeds from the event going to the local Guild Hall arts institute. There will be plenty of works spanning all divisions of the fair on display during opening night, but this event will perhaps be most useful as an opportunity to get to know the other guests and artists who will be on hand through the rest of the week: the VIP reception, held in the Artists & Collectors Lounge (presented by Hamptons Cottages & Gardens) will bring together all the top names who have congregated on ArtHampton?s for the weekend. Whether you're a buyer, a prospective artist, or both, this party - which is sure to be catered quite well - is a can't-miss event. 

What's the schedule for the weekend?
The opening night party is sure to be a highlight of the fair - and of the Summer season in general - for all those lucky enough to attend. It's the rest of the weekend, however, that will offer the true highlights of the ArtHampton?s fair. July 12 will be hosting most of the weekend's most star-studded events: for instance, artist Jane Freilicher will be receiving the fair's lifetime achievement award on that day, and will also be exhibiting a large number of works from her latest - and lauded - exhibition.

On the 12th, there's a lot going on at the Festival: there will be an interview with the 2014 Patron of the Year, a panel discussion on "managing your art collection," an invite only "Toast to the Hamptons.com" event, and much more, with other events taking place throughout the 13th as well. You can check out the official website for the festival for information regarding scheduling and tickets, but if you're intimidated by the large number of events scheduled throughout the weekend, fear not: "expert-led" tours of the fairgrounds will be offered every single day, to ensure that patrons won't miss out on a single thing. 

More than 80 different museums, collectors and cultural institutions have collaborated to get this latest iteration of the ArtHampton?s fair off the ground, and their work is sure to be well-appreciated by all who attend - whether you're an artist looking for inspiration, a buyer looking to pick up some of the latest and most valuable wares, or simply a local looking for something to do with your weekend. The ArtHampton?s festival has something to offer to visitors of all stripes - so if you're on the Hamptons next weekend, don't miss it.