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New exhibit celebrates women's domestic artwork

18 Mar 2013 11:54 AM
New exhibit celebrates women's domestic artwork

Until relatively recently, women's contributions to art and culture have been largely overlooked, but an upcoming exhibit at the Southhampton Historical Museum hopes to remedy that. The show - "Not the Devil's Workshop: Women's Hand Work, 1800 - 1930" - features an extensive collection of antiquities and artwork demonstrating the creative craftsmanship of women and is another great perk of owning Hamptons real estate.

Because women during that time were still largely excluded from high-profile artistic pursuits, most of the pieces in this privately owned collection fall into the category of home crafts. Painting landscapes and portraits on vanity mirrors was a popular pastime for women during the 19th century, and this exhibition features many fine - and seldom seen - examples of this practice. 

The pieces belong to curator and antique expert Sheila Guidera and represent many years of devoted collecting. Although the mirrors comprise the bulk of the exhibit, there will also be many examples of tatting, lace and other objects that show the wide range of domestic art created by women during the time.

The exhibit is part of the museum's celebration of National Women's History Month in March, and will be on display from February 16 through April 27.