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Much ado about Madoo!

16 Jun 2014 10:00 AM
Much ado about Madoo!

In 1967, the great artist and gardener Robert Dash established a magnificently diverse garden in Sagaponack, New York, not far from the luxury real estate that lines The Hamptons. Now, that area is called the Madoo - and the Madoo Conservancy organization does everything in its power to preserve, analyze, study and enhance that eponymous garden. In terms of the art scene, it's a singular location - and a singular work.

This garden is more than just a local sight to see, then - it's a living, breathing work of art, constantly evolving, at once both a tribute to its creator and a never-finished work-in-progess. Now, the Madoo Conservancy will be offering even more than a work of art: they'll be offering one of the most exciting culture events of the season. 

The organization will be holding the "Much Ado About Madoo" event tonight, running throughout the evening until 9 p.m. They'll be plenty to do at this particular event: the Garden Cocktail Party is only the beginning.

An exhibition of Robert Dash's artwork - carefully curated by experts - will be on display for all visitors. There will also be a live auction going on throughout the night, with items including three custom gardens designed by major local firms. For owners of luxurious Hamptons homes, few prizes are more compelling.

Between the auction, the Garden, the cocktail party and the artworks, visitors will have more than enough to keep them occupied for every moment of the Madoo's summer gathering. Tickets are available online currently. For members of the Madoo garden, tickets are only $125. They run $150 for non-members - and special VIP tickets, with plenty of perks attached, run for $500 and $1,000 as well.