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Celebrating a local Cape Cod photographer

25 Jan 2013 10:57 AM
Celebrating a local Cape Cod photographer

As a region filled with artists of all kinds, Cape Cod takes its local art scene seriously. In fact, hardly a week goes by that doesn't feature some type of local art show or exhibit. The new year will be no different, as there are already plans in place for several events showcasing the work of some of the Cape's most talented residents.

For example, the Barnstable Town Hall will take part in the artistic celebration by lining its walls with the photographs of Kathleen Szmit through January 18, 2013. For her day job, Szmit works as a reporter and photographer for the Barnstable Patriot in Hyannis. However, like many owners of Cape Cod homes, Szmit also has an artistic hobby to occupy her nights. In her case, this involves expertly framing and developing quietly elegant pictures of natural scenery and Cape landmarks.

"Taking photos is more than a hobby; it is a means of feeding the soul," she told the Barnstable-Hyannis Patch. "I hope my images delight and inspire, while encouraging all to appreciate the marvelous beauty that is Cape Cod."

This shouldn't be hard for many art-loving Cape residents, as Szmit's photographs will be on public display for much of January. Szmit's exhibit is part of the Artwork on Loan program, which was created to simultaneously provide exposure for local artists and deepen the artistic culture of the region. Szmit's collection is one in a string of exhibitions offered by the program, which also includes Cape Cod painters, sculptors and potters.