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Wintertime design trends popular throughout the Hamptons

3 Jan 2014 4:08 PM
Multi-sided fireplaces found in upscale Monterey real estate

Across the nation, individuals are busy pursuing the resolutions they established at the start of 2014, and making changes to their current physical, financial and residential situations. And, in many of the most affluent areas of the country, the winter season has influenced homeowners to take a look at their properties and consider the ways in which they can better endure the cold temperatures and snowfalls in high style and modern luxury.

One of the locations where the most cutting-edge interior designs are being seen in the new year is the Hamptons, likely due to the coastal community's eastern geography and proximity to New York City. If you live in this wealthy portion of Long Island, or are looking to upgrade your own estate with contemporary accommodations, you may want to give some thought to incorporating the following design trends, as they can not only improve your home's appearance, but also its functionality.

Radiant heating underfoot
Is there anything worse than stepping on a cold floor when you're nice and warm? Due to the low temperatures experienced during the season, many have had radiant floor heating installed, which ensures that their feet are always warm when desired. Although this luxurious update began in the bathroom, it can be used in all areas of the home, and significantly enhance the degree of comfort enjoyed by you and your guests. 

As an added bonus, this offers homeowners the opportunity to change their existing flooring and introduce more high-end materials to the interior space, such as ceramic tiling or fine wood.

Focused color schemes, clean lines
As nightly dustings of snow give the region's scenery a fresh white coating, affluent homeowners are increasingly incorporating clean lines and minimalist design trends into their estates this year. Instead of featuring color schemes with numerous hues, a popular update to interior spaces is adopting decor with a carefully planned spectrum, using just a few colors, according to Houzz. This provides living areas with a modern, chic ambiance that is further highlighted by the monotone palate of pigments created outdoors by the seasonal weather. 

Additionally, this design trend will offer you additional opportunities for customization later on as seasons change. When warmer temperatures arrive, you can simply add a splash of color to brighten up the space.

High-tech fireplaces
If your house was built recently, it likely has a consummate central heating system. However, vents don't provide the same ambiance of an open flame. Especially during winter, homeowners enjoy sitting by the fireside and enjoying the subtleties of the season. While constructing a new chimney may be a more intensive project than some want to undertake, stylish electric or gas-powered features can easily be installed by building professionals.

This creates the same look as a wood-burning fire, but requires individuals to complete less regular maintenance or helps them avoid inhaling smoke. Available in a range of sizes and styles, homeowners can choose the version they feel represents their personality and best matches the room's interior design scheme. 

Multi-versatile rooms
Now that the holidays are over, visiting friends and family members are probably returning to where they came, and leaving you with vacant rooms once again. Although it is always a good idea to keep an available bedroom for unexpected guests, these areas can be made more useful during the other times of the year thanks to a few effective updates, HouseLogic reported.

Creating an Internet connection and introducing a desk could turn a room into a home office, while installing temperature controls could enable you to construct your own personal greenhouse. Alternatively, if you enjoy honing your skill at producing fine art, you may want to transform the unused space into a private studio - just make sure all safety precautions are taken first.