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Hamptons real estate owners enhance pools with upscale features

21 Oct 2013 5:28 PM
Hamptons real estate owners enhance pools with upscale features

No matter the season, the Hamptons is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to live on the Eastern Seaboard. Because of its incredibly beautiful scenery, residents of this affluent area can be found enjoying time outdoors during all seasons.

Even though the high temperatures of summer may be gone, there are still ways owners of Hamptons real estate can experience luxury comfort outside of their lavish abodes. Throughout the colder months, in-ground pools with heated water allow individuals to continue to benefit from the relaxation and recreation these luxurious features offer, without freezing. If you're considering having a pool installed on your East Coast property, you can further improve your home by incorporating these popular design trends.

Customized waterfalls
While this addition may be purely cosmetic, it can significantly enhance the outdoor aesthetic and overall appeal of a patio. These features can range in size and intensity, so depending on the amount of space you have available - and the proximity of your neighbors - you may be able to install a sizable fixture. Man-made waterfalls can also improve the pool's recreational opportunities, as they provide a platform to dive off of. It is important, however, to first ensure the pool is deep enough to allow for such activity. 

Unique underwater designs
Adding a pool to your property will no doubt enhance its overall appearance, but why stop there? Integrating unique decorations underwater into your pool can be as effective as furnishing the space above ground. You could commission a custom paint job by a renowned artist or intricate tile work from an area professional. These options can be further personalized by using specific color schemes and designs, like a family seal or creative pattern. In addition, you may want to have fiber optic lights strategically installed in the pool. This upgrade can let you control the brightness of certain areas, as well as program an exquisite light show.

Powerful jet system
If you anticipate using your pool as a source of exercise during the autumn and winter, you might want to think about having a comprehensive system of jets included, which can create a considerable current. This can provide you the opportunity to swim endless laps as long as you want, in comfortable warm water right outside one of your luxury homes. And, even if you only use your heated pool to unwind after a long day, these jets can deliver therapeutic relief from aches and pains.