Iris Zonlight

Iris Zonlight was born in Holland and studied law at the University of Leiden. Following that, she received a degree in design at the Charles Montaigne Academy in Amsterdam.

In 1998, Iris and her family moved to Southampton, and she has been buying, selling and renovating homes ever since.

In 2005, she became an active licensed real estate agent. Since then, Iris has made good use of her design background, designing and staging homes, offices, cottages and high end estates.

Her European design sensibility is very distinguished, with a Hamptons twist.

Iris takes great pride in not just selling properties, but going beyond the expected, assisting her customers through the whole process from purchase to move-in, from interior design to finding them local services and staff and familiarizing them with the community. Staging homes has also played an important role in her real estate career.

Her relationship with her international customers has been mostly high end, an example being her involvement in the $27 million sale of the Astor Suite in the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Iris is fluent in Dutch, German, English and French.