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Where to find the most fashionable winter clothes in Greenwich

22 Oct 2012
As winter weather begins to creep in, many people turn their attention to their wardrobes. Finding that perfect sweater or long-sought scarf can help temper the cutting cold of the season. For residents of Greenwich, where fashion-oriented stores are common sights, this desire can take on added importance. Luckily, Greenwich has an embarrassment o Read More

Westport Foodie Fest is a great way to get a taste of Connecticut

16 Oct 2012
Perhaps nothing tells you more about a region than its celebration of local food traditions. It is during these celebrations that one can most easily catch a glimpse into the lifeblood of a given community. Whether utilizing locally grown ingredients or honoring traditions brought here from other countries, these events are the perfect way for a c Read More

High-end Greenwich homes selling well again

10 Oct 2012
In the wake of the housing crisis of the late 2000s, one of the housing sectors hit hardest was the luxury market. As Americans became wary of making significant property investments in such a volatile environment, the sale of high-end homes dwindled precipitously. Since then, real estate experts have closely monitored this segment of the market f Read More

New exhibit brings exotic colors to Greenwich

4 Oct 2012
At its best, photography combines the creativity and composition of painting with the realism and revelatory nature of film. Its most accomplished practitioners straddle this line with vigor, sometimes venturing one way or the other to create particularly evocative artwork. Gale Simmons, an accomplished New York-based photographer who is currently Read More