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The best places to eat in Greenwich

15 Aug 2014 6:17 PM
The best places to eat in Greenwich

If you reside within Greenwich, Connecticut, then you certainly have a taste for fine living. You probably live in some of the area's finest luxury real estate, and you almost certainly spend much of your time in the many great shops, museums and other cultural attractions that the town has to offer.

There's one thing we're forgetting: If you live in the area, you almost certainly like to dine at many of its fine restaurants as often as possible. If you don't know which restaurants those are, though, please allow us to correct the error. Listed below are some of the best places to sit down and eat a meal in Greenwich - if you choose to visit any one of them, we promise you won't leave disappointed. 

If you're looking for fine French cuisine, then you're not going to do much better than Rebecca's. After all, it was recently ranked by Connecticut Magazine as the best place to eat in the entire Greenwich area. The New York Times has also crowned it one of the area's most attractive restaurants, as has wine Spectator and The Wall Street Journal. For once, the media is in agreement about something: If you're ever in Greenwich, you have to eat at Rebecca's.

Thomas Henkelmann
?Recently given the illustrious four-star rating by Mobil, this restaurant - located within the Homestead Inn - is one of Greenwich's most celebrated eateries. Connecticut Magazine recently sang its praises, as well, listing it among the best restaurants in the area. (The magazine also crowned this location as the "most romantic" - so this is where you should be making your date night reservations.) This is a great destination for either lunch or dinner, with perfectly curated - and widely celebrated - menus for both meals. The dress code here is of quite high-standards, too, so if you're looking for a upscale night out with plenty of fancy flourishes, then Thomas Henkelmann is almost surely the place for your dinner destination.

?Looking for somewhere you can eat a nice outdoor meal during the summer? Then don't hesitate to visit L'Escale, which was recently selected as the "best outdoor dining" by the aforementioned magazine poll. The location - and the atmosphere - is so great that many unfairly marginalize the food, choosing instead to focus on the location. You can't blame them, though. The outdoor waterfront patio at L'Escale is something that no other Greenwich eatery can match. And, of course, the menu is actually just as impressive as the location itself: There's not a single "Best of Greenwich" list that doesn't nod to L'escale in some regard. 

The Elm Street Oyster House
If you're in the mood for seafood, then look no further: The Elm Street Oyster House is the best that Greenwich has to offer. The daily specials are widely celebrated, and for good reason: you can trust that whatever the tastiest seafood available is at a given moment, it'll be available on the menu at the Oyster House. So, if you're looking for a more casual dining experience in Greenwich or simply searching for the best New England-style seafood that the area has to offer, then don't leave town without trying out this Elm Street eatery.

These four restaurants are among the best places to eat in Greenwich, spanning many tastes from French cuisine to New England-style seafood. However, these are hardly the only places for fine dining in the area - so if you come across any other restaurants worth lauding, please drop us a line to let us know!