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Celebrity chef plans to open new eatery in Greenwich

15 Oct 2013 10:33 AM
Celebrity chef plans to opens new eatery in Greenwich

Individuals looking for a gourmet meal in Greenwich, Conn., have never had to look too hard to find high-end restaurants offering culinary delicacies. However, in the coming months, local residents on such a quest will have a more difficult time choosing which establishment to patronize. 

Graham Elliot, a celebrity chef made famous by his gastronomic abilities and judging prowess on the television show "MasterChef," will open an eatery in the affluent town sometime within the next few months, the Greenwich Time reported.

The restaurant, which will be titled Primary Food & Drink, will serve classic and contemporary American cuisine amid refined, yet casual, surroundings. Featured menu items will include creative spins on pot roast, beef stroganoff, Caesar salad and buffalo chicken. In addition, diners can sample selections from the extensive wine list, comprised primarily of American varietals, as well as the cocktail menu. Elliot's longstanding director of operations at his other eateries, Merlin Verrier, will serve as executive chef of Primary Food & Drink.

"Graham and myself are very humble people, and I think the greatest compliment people pay us about our restaurants is that when they eat there, they say they have fun," Verrier told the local newspaper. "It's good food and re-envisioned with the utmost integrity to the food and service."

The business at 409 Greenwich Avenue will soon open its doors and welcome curious diners into its 3,600-square-foot space, the Greenwich Time noted. About 100 patrons will be able to be seated in the eatery's two dining rooms, with the parlor providing space for another 36 customers.

Elliot, Verrier attended recent local festival
Though there may still be some time before Primary Food & Drink opens up in town, the two restaurateurs haven't been wasting any time getting acquainted with the area. Elliot and Verrier offered samples of their unique dishes during the Greenwich Wine + Food Festival, which was held the second weekend in October at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park.

"We went there the first year with no idea of what happens in Greenwich, and we had an amazing experience there," Verrier told the local news source. "We came again last year, and we loved the sense of being close to a seaboard, and, with that, comes access to an amazing amount of food that you can't access in the Midwest. Thinking about that, Primary just made sense."

Until the eatery opens up, those interested in learning more about the business can visit its official website.