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Two great winter attractions for Greenwich residents

25 Jan 2013 10:52 AM
Two great winter attractions for Greenwich residents

One of the true perks of living in one of the luxury homes in Greenwich is the city's proximity to many of the Northeast's most popular vacation and recreation destinations. Although the winter can feel long, people who live in this exclusive enclave often find that the region's abundance of cold-weather hot spots can make the season much more than bearable.

Here are two of the nearby winter attractions that make Greenwich such a popular place to live.

Woodbury Ski Area
Nearby Woodbury, Connecticut, is a popular skiing destination for thousands of Greenwich residents each year. The diverse mountains make Woodbury a great place for a ski-filled day trip, while the dozens of lodging options in the area make it a great place for an extended stay.

Furthermore, the venue is a great place to visit for Greenwich residents with young children, as there is a full staff of highly trained instructors anxious to help imbue a love of skiing in the younger generations.

Although Woodbury has been a popular winter destination for decades, now may be the ideal time to visit the attraction, as it recently expanded and added a brand new lodge.

Bluff Point State Park
If you are looking for something a little less energy-packed, Bluff Point State Park may be the perfect option for you. This expansive, picturesque preserve is a great way to enjoy the quiet beauty of winter without having to brave large crowds or worry that your skis are in tip-top shape.

Although this attraction, which is located in Groton, is perfect for anyone looking for an easy and serene way to explore snow-dusted nature, it is also an excellent option for geology buffs. The wide variety of rocks, minerals and geologic features found in the area are sure to appeal to anyone with even a slight interest in the field.

It's not just inanimate features that make a trip to Bluff Point so interesting, however. People with a passion for animals will also find the park to be a source of seemingly endless interest. The attraction's wide range of native birds has made it an enduringly popular destination for bird-watchers for decades. More than 200 species of birds have been seen at the site, and the number grows every year.