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New exhibit brings exotic colors to Greenwich

4 Oct 2012 8:22 AM
New exhibit brings exotic colors to Greenwich

At its best, photography combines the creativity and composition of painting with the realism and revelatory nature of film. Its most accomplished practitioners straddle this line with vigor, sometimes venturing one way or the other to create particularly evocative artwork. Gale Simmons, an accomplished New York-based photographer who is currently the focus of a show in Greenwich, is one such artist.

Her new show, The Color of Exotic, demonstrates that she has an eye for beauty and color in the natural world. Whether capturing a busy city street or a lonely farmer in a desolate field, Simmons brings creativity and technical proficiency to each shot. The show, which is on display through October 16 at the Les Beaux Arts Gallery in Round Hill Community Church, is teeming with prints featuring subjects that span the globe.

"Most of my photographs are taken when I travel," she said, according to the gallery's website. "I love portraiture, costumes, decorative details, exotic locales and recording the infinite variety of human life."

This wide-ranging passion is evident in her photographs, which feature everything from praying women to color-rich vistas. Owners of some of the luxury homes in and around Greenwich may find that Simmons' vibrant pieces make the perfect addition to their houses, as they are at once visually stunning and a potential source of conversation and worldly knowledge. In some senses, looking at one of Simmons' images is like traveling to a distant land.

"Each photograph tells a story," she said, according to the gallery's website. "The world is changing so quickly and I am afraid that many of the unique customs and traditions will become obsolete."

If this is the case, we are lucky to have someone like Simmons documenting these customs - and in many ways, keeping them alive.