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Well-"red": The right pieces to make your Greenwich home stand out

18 Sep 2012 8:38 AM

It is often said that fortune favors the bold, and this aphorism may be especially pertinent to home design. If owners of luxury homes in Greenwich, Connecticut, wish to be bold in their interior-design choices, they may want to consider adding red elements.

Red is certainly no timid color choice. It is often thought to evoke passion, intensity and power. A recent article by Connecticut-based interior designer Olga Adler featured in At Home Magazine extols the virtues of picking furniture and furnishings steeped in scarlet.

"Putting red in an interior creates emotional intensity," Adler writes.

She highlights several pieces, such as a bright red leather chair and a translucent, blood-colored candelabra, which are sure to spice up an otherwise humdrum room.

Greenwich residents may find that adding red-colored pieces to their homes is a great conversation piece and a way to make their houses stand out. The many nearby high-end boutiques, especially those found along fashionable Greenwich Street, can be a great place to find these unique, fiery pieces.

The city has long been heralded as one of the state's most modern areas, so it may take a bold move to get your home to stand apart, but picking bold pieces is a good place to start.